bitbake commands


I need a list of bitbake commands to run video stream and tcp/ip chat application.
I have builded console-image.
with the console-image is it possible to play a video stream…?

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You should have first ran the diagnostics on the board to make sure
everything was working. There is a link on the
website( right side of page under "Top Resources". This is the
resulting link:

after you run through that, you'll have your answer regarding running
video from a console based image. Quick answer is that it is possible
but you might need a package like "stream_video" if it is not there in
openembedded and there is something like "omapfbplayer" which should
also play video in console mode.

If your chat program in not console/CLI based then you'll need atleast
X11 support. Build that with:
bitbake x11-image

If you plan on creating your own apps, I've seen it said that "base-
image" is also recommended but I do not know if it is or not. I have
built with this:
bitbake base-image console-image x11-image

bitbake beagleboarddemo-image has always been a failure for me but you
never know when something might fix it or break it again.

One more hint, once you get your local repository working, don't
update it unless you REALLY need to. The tree gets
stuff put into it directly from the developers and it breaks quite
alot and unfortunately, it is the only tree to get
Beagleboard OpenEmbedded optimized software that I know of.


Thank You.