Bitbake Error

I'm trying to bitbake something but I get the following error saying:

ImportError: No module named re

I'm wondering how do I get the module for that or is anything that I'm
missing which causes this error.

Actually I installed all the module.
One thing I need is the operator module but I can't find how to import
that on my beagleboard. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or the
Python version I installed does not work with this. Python version I
have is 2.6

I thought operator module is standard with all the Python so I can't
figure out why bitbake is throwing this ImportError.

After alot of research and trial and error, it seems like this is a
common problem with angstrom, and how it does not install python
packages properly. After updating multiple things manually, we're
getting somewhere, but we cannot seem to find the operator package.
Does anyone have any ideas?

> Has anyone generated a u-boot in elf format with symbolos etc that can be loaded from CCS4 onto the BB and be able to use source level debugging