bitbake nano/bitbake console-image fail: cannot do-install ncurses


As part of the Embedded 32-bit Linux class outlined in another thread, we are using bitbake to compile an image for the BeagleBoard xM. The instructions we use are at I seem to be one of the few who cannot get this to work.

ncurses will compile, but not install; during the install process, it tries to re-link, and fails to do so because it can’t find “-lncurses”. If attachments work through Google Groups, you should find the log attached. My build config file is as outlined in the instructions, but with just en_US and en_GB locales.

Does anyone here have any suggestions about how I should proceed?

–David Bliss

log.do_install.30821 (81.6 KB)

Please use the instructions at when setting up angstrom. Trusting non-canon wikis over the official website is never a good idea.



Thank you for the pointer. I just finished getting everything working.

David Bliss
Blumberg 106
CM 1534