bitbake python fails

bitbake python always fails for me :frowning:

I looked around but did not find any clue why this fails

The log is here:

Can anybody help?

Not sure what the log means, but I'll take a stab at it.
It works fine for me so I say check your configuration
and possibly issue a clean command
(bitbake python -c clean) and then try again, sometimes
that works for me. Also, is python the only failure?
And check if the tinderbox builds are failing on the same
package (,
if they're failing too, its probably an error in the recipe.

It builds for me and it builds on tinderbox.
if btibake -c clean python; bitbake python does not help it is
probably time to bite the bullit and remove your tmp dir and start
from scratch.
This will take several hours though.

your problem might be related to HOST_SYS and/or BUILD_SYS not being
known or not being imported properly.

I was able to solve the issue by not using the PARALLEL_MAKE="j2"
option in local.conf!

Maybe a typo?, it should be: PARALLEL_MAKE="-j 2"