BitBake Recipes and Compiling On Beagleboard

Hi All

I am slowing becoming more familiar with using the OpenEmbedded/
BitBake System to build Angstrom Images.

However, now, I would like to build things not included in the
available recipes. However I am very confused as to how to go about
doing this. The various websites I have seen don't do what I want, or
don't explain the steps in detail.

I have managed to build a console image which included apache, and
that seems to work well. I would like to use C based CGI applications
on the beagleboard. I have found a cgi library (cgilib) here that I would like to use.
However I have now idea how to compile the sources to work on the

I have no idea how to write a bitbake recipe, in particular the

I have also tried to compile the sources on the beagleboard itself,
after creating a build with the gcc package. However, that too, did
not work. The ./configure output suggested that the compiler could not
create executables. It is looking for gcc, but the version in /usr/bin
is arm...gcc. I have created a symbolic link to redirect gcc to
arm...gcc. Would that be causing the error?

Anyone any ideas? A location of a guide to creating bitbake recipes
would be useful.



Hi Chithambaram,

OE Guide
Bitbake manual:

will serve your purpose.


Hello Chithambaram,
  I just tested the ./configure on my BB and it ran fine. Don't follow
'Install', just run ./configure. here is my output to config.log
Did you first do 'opkg install task-native-sdk cpp gccmakedep' ?

I agree with you about slim pickins on howto's for recipie's. I am
to learn this too.
Don Lewis

Thank you (sorry its late) for the advice. It worked a treat.

Made a new console image with the bits you suggested, did the 'opkg
install task-native-sdk cpp gccmakedep' bit, and ran ./configure.

Took a while to get it to link correctly with my test c program but
eventually got it working (took a while becuase I am (relitively) new
to linux).

Thanks again


I am glad you got it going.
If you are working with c code on Beagle in the GUI you might install
geany. it is a very nice IDE I have tested. I did my own bitbake
before I saw it was available from Ansgtrom.

Don Lewis