bitbake virtual/kernel fails at

I am having some issues building angstrom with the current snapshot
from openembedded. Specifically bitbake virtual/kernel is failing at

my configuration is:

Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.12.0"
TARGET_OS = "linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE = "overo"
DISTRO = "angstrom"
DISTRO_VERSION = "v2011.12"
TARGET_FPU = "hard"

I get the following error while running bitbake virtual/kernel:

ERROR: 'virtual:native:/home/amarsh/OE/openembedded/recipes/unifdef/' failed

NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6-0: task do_fetch: Started
ERROR: The checksums for "/home/amarsh/OE/sources/unifdef-2.6.tar.gz"
did not match.
  MD5: expected "18b832baea2c7b6b00bd7d4f3db38f62", got
  SHA256: expected
got "78dc84867ad7dde1411ca4800247aa9cb48f7dc8a9dd4cfd8e923411536f377e"

NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6-0: task Fetch failed: checksum mismatch.:
ERROR: Function 'Fetch failed:
checksum mismatch.' failed
ERROR: Task 550 (virtual:native:/home/amarsh/OE/openembedded/recipes/
unifdef/, do_fetch) failed with exit code '1'


I thought it might be a simple checksum mismatch so I modified to the expected values and ran it again. But now I get
a gzip error.

ERROR: Unable to unpack '/home/amarsh/OE/sources/unifdef-2.6.tar.gz'
to '/home/amarsh/OE/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/unifdef-native-2.6-0' (cmd:
tar xz --no-same-owner -f /home/amarsh/OE/sources/unifdef-2.6.tar.gz):
Execution of 'tar xz --no-same-owner -f /home/amarsh/OE/sources/
unifdef-2.6.tar.gz' failed with exit code 2:

gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

NOTE: package unifdef-native-2.6-0: task base_do_unpack: Failed


I poked around on but
didn't see anything that looked like an existing fix. Does anyone have
a suggestion?