Black over RPi for haunted house?

Im handling tech for a pair of haunted houses. Currently we’re planing on using Raspberry Pis as DMX show controllers and 5.1 (digital)audio sources. The Pi uses Open Lighting Architecture, a python script which detects button closures(via GPIOs) to switch show data, and an Enttec open usb-DMX adapter to generate and output a DMX signal. Currently our Pis output stereo, but I know they’re capable of digital 5.1 output.

My questions are: is the Black capable of replacing the RPi in this application(I assume so, but want feedback from actual users)? Can the Black play back digital 5.1 audio(preferably without drifting out of time with the DMX or suffering clicks and pops)? Is the Black’s serial connection capable of 250kbaud out of the box(I want to cut out the usb-dmx adapter)? Can the Black be easily reset with some extra circuitry in case of a lock up?

When the system is in full show mode it will run headless(no X, no VNC), and eventually send feedback about show data to a server over the LAN. So it just needs to run the python DMX script and audio player reliably and I’m sold.