Black screen on 3.14.25-ti-r37 despite enabling the dtb file

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I started writing a tutorial to setup a proper Debian environment on BBB with the 4DCAPE display and serial ports enabled. In order to get SGX graphics to work I had to switch to the kernel v3.14. Unfortunately since I finished the tutorial online repositories, scripts, kernels, etc are changing everyday. The other day I tried updating my kernel to 3.14.25-ti-r37 and modified and recompiled dtbs exactly as I used to do before to include the display and serial port DTBs. But unfortunately the display doesn’t come up and I’m stuck with a blank screen. After downgrading to 3.14.22-ti-r31 for example the same steps gives me a working display. Anyone (especially Robert Nelson) if you’re seeing this) has any idea what happened to new kernel versions and how to get the screen up?

Thanks in advance