BLEP: BeagleBoard Linux Education Project meeting tomorrow, 12/7/2010

Hi all, this is an announcement for the BeagleBoard Linux Education Project. We meet every Tuesday morning at
8:30am PST
9:30am MST
10:30am CST
11:30am EST

Details are here:

Tomorrow’s meeting may be on IRC rather than on the phone, or we can do both, depending on who’s there and how they prefer to communicate. Since Jason is still out, I propose the following agenda:

  • Project overview
  • Labs: number, scope, and content

I'd love to participate in this, but 11:30 a.m. EST is during work hours for me, and I can't use IRC on my office computer. And there's no way to get my personal laptop on the net from that location. If you keep meeting minutes or summaries, or a record of the IRC conversation, I could review later.


Bob Cochran

Hi Bob - I’m putting together a page with links to the raw minutes. Today’s minutes are here: