Bluesteel basic option for flash?

I was looking at the BlueSteel basic. It seems logical to me to have an option to drop HDMI for such a small device (if you are targeting embedded like functions, there is no need for the HDMI). But the loss of flash is disappointing. However, the name “basic” gives me hope, that there will be an option for having flash.

You need to ask the BlueSteal people.


Ahh, I thought it was another BeagleBone product. I was wondering why it wasn’t a BeagleBone blue or something.

No, I have nothing to do with this one.


And who is responsible for the BlueSteel? mentions CircuitCo as vendor…

Special Computing is the BlueSteel vendor now, more documentation to follow.

I got mine meanwhile, for my application it fits perfectly (don’t need on-board MMC and HDMI). Finish looks good and it is working first few hours properly. So it seems to be a great piece of hardware.

One thing to note: comparing to the original BBB it comes without Micro-USB-cable but within a very stable steel-case.