board availability


I'm curious to know if the board is available - we want to order a board.

Early adopter request e-mail is

Do you need to supply anything other than "please send me a board" ?

This should be to get you a board, but if you can give a brief description of your work planned for Beagle, we can try to help you out with our findings for the same, it will also help us in improving our offerings.


Hi guys,

I'm planning to develop my own hardware with the OMAP3.
I have difficulties getting the POP memories - does anybody had similar experience?
I also plan NOT to use the accompany TI chip - Does anybody have schematics of a reference design board without this chip?

Yuli Kaplunovsky
Magniel Inc.

The POP devices are available to anyone, but they are under NDA. Micron has a nice setup to where you have them add these pages to your Micron account. To view them, you will accept a clickwrap license. You need to contact your local Micron rep to ge tthe account setup.

Samsung also sells the parts, butthey have a more stringent qaunttiy policy. I suggest you contact your local Samsung rep.

As to the alternate power design, my suggestion is that you contact your local TI sales person for this information.


Question - I had send an email just like that to the revb-request list a while ago, with an added description of what I’m planning to do with my Beagle Board.
I haven’t heard back from the mailing list itself nor have I been able to find any information about Rev B Board availability. Could anyone give me/us an update on the status please?
Greatly appreciated,

We are replying to people who sent messages to as early adopter boards become available. If you haven’t heard back, it is because we don’t have any more boards to ship. There are one or two that come out every now and then as we perform some repairs, but generally we are waiting on the next large batch of boards.