Board Checkout Procedure On Page 131 Beagle_SRM_C4

The System Reference Manual (SRM) relevant to Revision C4 of the Beagleboard is available on for downloading now. Thanks, Jason, for posting it!

I am following the Checkout Procedure given on page 131 of the SRM. My board passes the first part of the procedure. Next step for me is to find an SDHC card somewhere (probably by pleading with my wife for one of hers) and booting off that. So far, so good. I have learned a bit.

May I suggest that the Checkout procedure be modified to say explicitly that you have to use terminal emulation software such as minicom or HyperTerminal to perform the first steps? The text just assumes that the user knows that a terminal window is needed and that might not be the case.

It might be good to add an Appendix showing how to configure minicom and HyperTerminal.

I also noticed Robert Day's board verification procedure

and the original board verification procedure

and I'm wondering which of the three versions is "best" to use -- the one in the SRM which seems to be the "official" one, or either of the Google procedures?



The SRM is a Hardware document I have resisted turning it into a teaching tool because it will never end. The knowledge to use terminal emulation SW is assumed to be there with the user. There are hundreds of sites and WIKIs out there that tell you how to use and configure these terminal emulators and there are many, some under Windows and some under Linux. I am not looking to recreate what is already out there.

Take your pick as to which one of the options you listed to use. Robert’s would be where I would start. The WIKIs are much easier to update and to keep adding to. The differences in Rev C3 and C4 are minimal. The I2C command is the one thing that changed due to the updated UBoot. Everything else should be the same.