Board has stopped booting from SD card

Hi all,

In my quest for a board that boots automatically into a Linux running telnetd (so I don't need the serial link) , I seemed to have fallen at the final hurdle!! My board has stopped booting from the SD card.
I think it is likely that this was due to a clumsy removal / insertion of the card, but I don't really know.

Any advice about fixing this would be much appreciated.



I've run across this after a kernel panic in the sound driver. What
you need to do is run a filesystem check/clean on the SD partitions.

Boot Linux on a computer with an SD reader and run "e2fsck /dev/
mmcblk0p2" and "fsck.msdos /dev/mmcblk0p1". You'll have to be root to
do this. If you don't have Linux installed on a computer, then get a
LiveCD like Knoppix( ) and boot your computer
using that and then fix the SD card from there.

Thanks for that.

The actual sequence was, after thinking about it,
1. set up bootargs & bootcmd for Angstrom demo sd card and do a saveenv.
2. then accidently use another card (setup from the BoardDiagnstics page)
3. kernel starts to boot and then panics.
4. Not possible to boot from sd rom thiis point on.....

I have tried re-formatting and re-load the sd card but still have the
same problem...
Will try other sd cards later.

Thanks again


Robert, the environment setup is different for the diag and the
Angstrom images. The diag runs everything from one fat32 partition
while Angstrom boots the init image from a tiny fat32 but then runs
from an ext3 partition.

To set the right environment vars, look for the 3 or 5 second boot
notice to escape out of the auto boot. You should then get the
bootloader prompt where you can set new environment vars. Ones
specifically for that SD image you are running.

You will need to have bi-directional console working since you have to
send an "any-key" to escape the boot process.