Board shipments decreasing


according to board shipments are decresing constantly for some months. What is the reason for this? When I have a look to distributors of hardware they are still not available without longer delay, so what is going on here?


No, this is unnecessary artificial scarcity…

I am as well looking to buy a BBB from Mouser, Digikey and so on (as I like the free shipping they offer to Europe having a certain amount). The only boards I can directly get in Germany are the Element14 ones. I would long bought a CircuitCo one if they would be available. I know they are produced “on-demand”, and demand is when I backorder one at my favourite distri. Nevertheless, it would be smart to have a minimum stock at those big players - pretty sure they won’t be there for long.

No, this is unnecessary artificial scarcity...

As far as I know, CircuitCo has no motivation to create artificial
scarcity. They'd only be hurting themselves.

You should see an uptick in shipments this week, 800 went out on Friday.Not that anyone cares, but Arrow shorted us all the HDMI framers from NXP, so CCO had to go through "other channels to find them. Oh, and yes they were indeed more expensive.


Dear Gerald…We badly need BB-BONE WHITE 12Pcs…How can we get these…
We badly need the support and struggling since 10 weeks…RS commiteed schdules and they failed to deliver the same…

Pls help and we depend on you.


We just shipped 300 to Avnet. Check with them. Why not ask them?

No other distributor have placed any orders for this board.


Sounds like the time when everyone was hunting for TI DSPs. :wink:

Not sure. We have this issue all the time. despite having orders on the books, we don’t know what we actually get in the kit until it arrives. It is always something. This time it was the HDMI framer. At least that was something new.
We have also been building XMs and BeagleBones which run on the same line. Unfortunately we can’t build them all at the same time.