BeagleBone Breadboard has just released a prototyping cape for BeagleBone. This
cape, called BeagleBone Breadboard, is equipped with a patterned
prototyping area, two general LED’s, two tactile switches, one 8-pin
female header and two stackable 46-pin connectors. LED’s and switches
are wired to an 8-pin header for convenient access. Each BeagleBone
Breadboard is sold with an adhesive solderless breadboard and jumper
wire kit (140 pieces in 14 different lengths).

You can order the BeagleBone Breadboard today at

For technical information, please visit the wiki support page at

Does this have an i2c EEPROM that can be programmed to match the breadboard project?



Looks like you have to add it yourself.


There is no EEPROM on this board and it was never intended to have one. The concept here is to use this board to test out simple things and preform basic experiments. It is not intended as a prototype maker for a Cape. You would use t to connect switches and LEDs to the BeagleBone and see if yu cna figure out how to make the LEDS glow and detect switches. You could also add a SPI or I2C device and verify that you can talk to it.


If all the device tree fragment building were to be added to the kernel, it would seem having an EEPROM would really pay off.