BOM cost for 1k volumes


Anybody have a ball park idea for a budgetary number for the beagleboard BOM based on 1k volumes?


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It really depends on the cost of the memory, which is going up, and the OMAP. I would guess somewhere around $110 BOM cost.


Just a note of clarification on this. This is only BOM cost and does not include PCB, assembly or test. It is also at a 10K volume and not 1K. We build everything in lots of 10K. I read that as 10K because that is all I deal in. My apology. The 1K price would be closer to around $165, depending on what pricing you get for the PCB and the TI parts. With the market conditions today, the cost will be going up in my estimation. With memory pricing the way it is, it could be much higher as the word is memory pricing will be doubling.


Hi Gerald,
     Digi Key is selling Beagle board at 149US$


Yes I know. That is the MSRP of the board. They have shipped close to 12,000 of them to date.