Hi all,

tldr: is there a reference guide somewhere which lists all valid suffixes for the command: bone_capemgr.disable_partno=

Longer version:
I’m trying to get a custom cape (not my design) working on my BBBW.
The cape works with a plain old BBB, but has some challenges for the Wireless.
Specifically, the cape needs the SPI1 interface found on expansion header P9[28:31]
For BBB, it’s easy enough to free these pins up by choosing a different dtb. Specifically, I uncommented

in /boot/uEnv.txt
It’s sort of a sledgehammer approach, entirely disabling the HDMI interface when I really only care about the pins used for audio. But, I don’t need video for this application, so it works just fine.

But, it gets muddier in BBBW land. The BBBW uses the pins in question for Bluetooth HCI.
I could disable the WiLink chip entirely, but that’d sort of defeat the purpose of the BBBW wouldn’t it?
I’m looking for a way to surgically disable only the Bluetooth peripheral while maintaining Wi-Fi functionality.

Ryan Striker

Using the dtb-rebuilder, cut this out: