bone_capemgr folder in 3.14.x image


I am using Debian 8 (from Robert Nelson) with a custom 3.14.17-bone8 kernel on Beaglebone Black. What do I need to install in order to have the /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots directory show up on a Debian image.

I have attached my uEnv.txt file

The print out of my dtc version
root@arm:~# which dtc
root@arm:~# dtc --version
Version: DTC 1.4.1-g1e75ebc9


uEnv.txt (1.36 KB)

We didn't port capemgr to 3.14..

You have a choice between:

3.8.x (old capemgr)

or anything v4.1.x+ with the new version..


Thanks Robert. Can you let me know how to get the 3.8.x (old capemgr) in my Debian with a custom 3.14.17-bone8.

I wanted to check the ‘cat slots’ and hope it is possible to check the slots only after installing the capemgr.


It's really simple, boot 3.8.x

Your options for capemgr, are:

the really old 3.8.x which is no longer supported

or any of the v4.1.x+ releases, which is currently supported..

v3.14.x doesn't have capemgr..