Bone: Will a BeagleBone SD boot on Black?

I have a product based around the BeagleBone that starts selling in a week. I’d like to offer the BB Black as an alternative when it’s available. I’m shipping it with Angstrom with some kernel modifications to support the audio codec in the device. With the change in processor on the Black, will I need to compile a new kernel or is there backward compatibility? Can I just insert my SD card and boot it up?

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It uses different memory, so know you can’t just plug in the SD card. Depending on what all you use, the changes could be minor, but you will have eMMC that you don’t use and HDMI that you don’t use.


I can say I tried booting my beagle bone black from an sd card used in my bone v3. While I didn’t record exactly what happened I can definitely say it failed to boot and seemed to have issues with hardware and drivers not found right, left, and center.


You guys are funny... With your bone v3 running, first upgrade the
bootloader then the kernel (v3.8.x) and then retry that SD card on the
black. :wink:


This is true. But, that was not the original question, but that is where it ended up.



Is B-Black on the market yet? I thought the release was scheduled on Apr 24..

There's no support for kernel 3.2 on black, so you need to switch to 3.8.x

Thank you for the info, everyone. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one.


April 23rd is the release date.