BoneScript 0.6.1 released

BoneScript is back under active development after another fairly log hiatus.

New in 0.6.0:

  • Fixed dependencies to run on node 4.x and some newer versions. Running node older than 0.12 should be mostly broken now.

New in 0.6.1:

  • Force usage of hw_mainline on kernels 4.4.x and newer, even if CapeMgr is not found. No overlays will be attempted to be loaded, but pinmux helpers will be searched out. If they don’t exists for a pin that is used, you’ll get an error thrown.
  • Add an initial hack integration of libroboticscape.

Known issues:* It doesn’t build with node 7.x.

  • If you use libroboticscape, it’ll try to kill the process when another user of that library starts, so you have to be careful if you use it in the BoneScript web server.