bonescript problem with new BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.05.08.img

I’ve got the same issue as well… Did you end up finding a solution?

I made a (quick and dirty) patch to fix this! See my bug report at
Hope this helps,

Thanks! Kernel interface change of which I wasn’t aware.

What's not working with my patch? I used it with 2 analog sensors
without issues.

I got another error message but didn’t write it down and have now blown away that image. I will try to recreate. There was also a small difference in the code on my machine and what your patch showed as being original…also lost to the bit bucket.


I finally got back to try this again. I used the latest flasher (6-6) and got the attached error after I had applied your patch. Note that there were some differences in the code that I have (data = data / this.scale;) as opposed to (data = data / scale;) so assume that something else is different as well.

It would be nice if this actually worked on the latest distro!


Error.Txt (788 Bytes)