Bonescript Visual Blocks Editor : Suggestions


I am Vaishnav, an undergraduate student from Kerala,India, I would like to know the opinion of fellow group members about a project idea i have i my mind :

I would like to develop a Blocks Editor(similar to MIT App Inventor/Microsoft Blocks Editor:for micro:bit) for , i am planning to build a blocks editor as a top layer interface on top of the BoneScript library and Cloud9 IDE , so that BeagleBone users without much Scripting experience can develop their projects easily. What do you think about the scope of this project?Please provide suggestions.


Sounds like an interesting project. I had a student to a similar project[1] based on Google’s Blockly[2]. I made a few refinements to it[3], but haven’t worked on it lately.

Doing block programming in Could 9 sounds like a neat idea.


[1] ECE497 Project Programmable Light Show -
[2] Blockly  |  Google Developers
[3] BeagleBoard-exercises/displays/LEDstring/light-show at master · MarkAYoder/BeagleBoard-exercises · GitHub

Thank You for your valuable feedback , the Programmable Light Show project looks very nice :slight_smile: , after some searching i found that a basic blocks-editor to generate bonescript code already exist here .
I am planning to work on improving this project to add more functions and direct sensor support blocks.