BoneScript web pages with live-running examples and documentation Questions

Hi I have been talking with Jason via IRC about the BoneScript web pages with live-running examples and documentation .

I see this project divided in four parts.

Part I
Create a platform for creating documentation for end users. This documentation will included

  • Pre requisites

  • Hardware Connections

  • Power On/Network Information

  • Code

  • Additional Requirements
    Part II
    After the user creates the documentation, an administrator is going to approved the documentation, and will be visible to all users

  • Users will see this doc, in two ways. A Step by Step page or A Complete page
    Part III

Create a logging system. This way users will have access for creating or commenting the docs. The logging system will work with the Git Hubs account

Part IV
Upload documentation. The system has to have at lest 15-25 running examples. This way users can start using the new Beagle Board & creating new content


  • All of the source added by users will be added to the repo bone101 at

  • All users have to log in using their github account

  • Node.js with Express framework will be used for this project


  • It’s necessary to define the user roles. This is important because there’re going to be users who will approve comments
  • Will there be a special design to use for developing the “Doc Playground”
  • Mysql database will be good for this project?

This are some of the questions I got right now.

Thanks in advance