Bonjour not working on my [BeagleBone]

I planned to use Bonjour/Avahi for my BeagleBone project.

I tried the stock image (1_16_11) that shipped with my board (A4), the latest image (2012.02.14, before and after opkg upgrade) and ArchLinux ARM.

I set up avahi-daemon the same way I (successfully) set it up on my Ubuntu VM, where almost the exact same version of avahi is running.

When running avahi-browse -a on the BeagleBoard it properly lists services in my LAN (like my UbuntuVM _workstation) and also the services configured to show up from the BeagleBoard.

Bonjour service browsers running on any other hosts however fail to list the BeagleBoard’s services.

Considering this being an issue across multiple distributions, might this be an hardware issue?
Are there any special network configurations required on the BeagleBoard for this to run? (Would be wierd, since it is supposed to work out of the box?).

Note that I couldn’t test this with any Apple hardware, only avahi/bonjour clients/browsers on one Linux VM and one Windows 7 machine. (But as I said, other services are listed properly!)

This has solved itself - I suspected that my router was not the issue, since Bonjour was working otherwise.
This turned out to be a false assumption - the router doesn’t block UDP multicast, but it also doesn’t support multicast bridging between the ethernet switch and WiFi.
Having all my devices on WiFi and only the BeagleBone on ethernet is just an unlucky coincidence :/.

Sorry for the confusion!