Boot from SD Card without pressing the Boot button?

Hello All,
I have compiled my own UBOOT and MLO and put it in an SD card, If I press the Boot button and power on BBB it works fine.
But my requirement is to Boot from SD card without pressing the BOOT button.

Is this possible.

Hemant Kapoor

Erase the eMMC.


You can also put a newer debian image on the eMMC, and “configure” uEnv.txt to boot from sdcard.

However, in the above case you’d still be loading MLO( and possibly uboot too - I do not remember ) from the eMMC. After which it would start loading the kernel / rootfs from the sdcard.

Thanks Gerald for the help… That worked and I can boot directly from SSD card without pressing the Boot Button.

I have one little confusion though, the saveenv command saves it in MMC, I would have thought that it should save in SD Card.

U-Boot# saveenv
Saving Environment to MMC…
Writing to redundant MMC(1)… done

Is there any U-Boot configuration that I have missed that governs this behaviour.

@William- I needed my own U-Boot to be loaded… :frowning:

Hemant Kapoor