Boot options (Terminal or GUI)

Hi All

Have only owned and played with the BBB for one week.
The uSD has been configured with bone-debian-8-11-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2019-01-07-4gb.img
The on board eMMC has been wiped completely.(interferes with Libpruio)

Installed the development environment on the uSD and can compile and run the applications.

The GUI takes 80 secs to boot up, but once I run my application, there is no discernible speed problems
compared to my other installations that use a Fitlet.

I would like to setup a boot sequence that boots into Terminal unless a key is pressed and then it should boot into the GUI.
The terminal would then auto execute my application.

So all the browsing I have done has led me nowhere concrete, but to be fair my Linux terminal command experience is limited.

Would appreciate any constructive suggestions towards this goal.