Boot with no screen

Hey all,

I wondered if there is a way to boot the beagleboard without having
the screen attached? I wish the device to be a host only and I plan on
sending most of my commands down the serial cable. Could it be as
simple as removing the "dvi=...." section from my boot code?

Cheers, Myles

Sorry forgot to say that at the moment it simply cycles round the boot

You can boot the board without the screen attached. If you want to
check the booting process, you need attach the RS232 to another host
computer. However, in your second post, you said it was cycling the
boot process. It sounds like a problem.

Sounds like insufficient power to me? Or perhaps broken boot env.

It'll boot just fine with no video plugged in, even if the OS is
displaying it, although you probably want to turn X off if you're not
using it.

It works fine with the screen attached, but as soon as I unplug the
HDMI connector it simply doesnt get to the booting stage