Boot without ethernet takes much longer

I've noticed that if I boot Debian without a network connected, it takes a long time to finish booting, as evidenced by a) my daemon takes a couple minutes to start, and b) the login prompt appears on the debug port after a couple minutes. But if there's one connected, it starts my daemon within about 30 seconds (and the login prompt comes up correspondingly faster).

The insserv dependencies for my daemon does not include the network, only local fs and syslog.

Anything I can do to speed the time it takes to start my daemon?


By default debian likes to wait up to 2 minutes, when you have eth0
specified in /etc/network/interfaces..

To get around this, disable eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces and allow
another tool (wicd in wheezy/connman in jessie) to handle it


Thanks I had this doubt too. Happy new year!