Booting - A big picture

I'm trying to get a clearer picture of what the BeagleBoard does when
it boots up. I'd like to see the big picture of what happens from
power up to the first Angstrom prompt.

I've seen references to u-boot, x-loader, uImage, MLO, but I don't
have a clear picture of what each are doing. I've found the TRM on
omap initialization (
sprufd6a.pdf), but that's a bit more detailed than what I'm looking

Could someone point me to a place that gives an overview of the boot

Right now I'm not trying to solve a problem, rather I'm think of how I
can explain this to my students.



Take a look at page 24 of this PowerPoint:
If you can't read PowerPoint, try this link for a HTML-ized version
which is somewhat harder to read:

See if that covers your question at your desired level of detail. It
condenses it onto a single page which is much easier to follow than
the TRM.



Here's a good generic view of the Linux booting process. BeagleBoard/
Ångström is essentially the same, though some of the software
components have different names: matching them up is a good exercise
for your students :slight_smile:

Brett, John:
  Thanks to both of you. You are both at the level of detail I'm
looking for.

Next week I'll be at the 101 workshop at ESC, so should get to see
booting again...