Booting BBB with a blank microSD card in the slot hangs the BBB

Using the latest image, i need to be able to boot my BBB even if there is a blank formatted microSD card within the slot.

Right now, if i try to boot my BBB with a microSD card that DOES NOT contain a valid eMMC flasher image, it hangs forever with LEDS D2,D3,D4 lit up. I have to remove the card and reset for the BBB to boot normally.

i am using the latest demo image below:


Everything works fine when Angstrom is booted and i insert a formatted microSD after bootup, it appears in the MEDIA folder as it should.

Is there someone here that would know what needs to be modified in the config files so that a BBB looks at the microSD for valid eMMC flasher image, but IF IT IS NOT a valid image, it would try to boot from the eMMC and not hang forever...


That is not the latest image. I have not tested that image. We are not suing that image.

I suggest you stick to the official images.


Thanks Gerald,

I’ll reflash with the 09,04 image then , but before i do so, i’d like to know if you experience the same issue on your end? Will a blank formatted microSD card inserted in the BBB slot prevent the BBB from booting if the microSD does not contain a valid eMMC flasher image.?

Cheers for the great work on this,

I’m not Gerald, but I will tell you yes, without any interaction and sd card inserted into the BBB will cause the BBB to hang if it is blank.

If you boot with an sdcard inserted, you will need at minimum a properly configured uEnv.txt file. You will need somethign similar to what I’ll list below in uEnv.txt

mmcroot=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro

********* PROBLEM SOLVED **********


Thanks Gerald and CircuitCo… I was missing a uEnv.txt file on my blank microSD card with four lines of text specified in the link show here:

Glad you got it working. Always happy when people use the Wikis.