Booting Beaglebone Black with SDK RTOS

I tried booting Beaglebone Black with pre-built sdcard.img provided in the path


I connected the board using USB-TTL to view the booting procedure, but it shows:

StarterWare Boot Loader
BOARDInit status [0x0]
SoC : [AM335X]
Core : [A8]
Board Detected : [BEAGLEBONEBLACK]
Base Board Revision : [UNKNOWN]
Daughter Card Revision: [UNKNOWN]
Copying application image from MMC/SD card to RAM
Jumping to StarterWare Application…

I2C Test: 400Kbps: Data Mismatch

I2C Test: 100Kbps: Data Mismatch

Some tests have failed.

Kindly help me with this

So It looks like the I2C test that you are running has an issue. Can you try something simple. For example, the hello world test.

And no you do not need a JTAG to debug. You should be able to use printf.


I used the images that were present in the sdk rtos installed directory by default

Ok, I missed that in your earlier posting.

I believe that the image you are using cannot be used on a Beaglebone Black. The image is for a TI evaluation module (EVM). You need to build the RTOS for the Beaglebone.


Your running EVM code on a BBB it’s slightly different hardware this subject came up before and was discussed in e2e forum I think the TI app engineer said it’s possible but required some template changes he also said jtag was default

Anytime you start changing the default as in ignoring suggested hardware and taking short cuts like not buying a jtag and your a beginner you end up flopping around I have an EVM and jtag it worked great.

Your also asking in a group that’s pro open source everything.

In this case I agree try a simple example and read the source code so you know what’s it’s doing.

I foresee much frustration and reading in your future but I guess if you don’t have the $$$ to buy the suggested setup clearly documented ask whoever gave you this college task to buy it unless you like pain it’s apparent you didn’t read the many documents which can be intimidating to a Newb.

I’d spend some time loo,ing in the e2e forum on this subject

Graham this was addressed awhile back I even asked for the other guy in e2e forum
Its possible if your experienced is the short answer.

Typically they add board support as time goes by but no guarantees

In a commercial paid RTOS you would get new boards added for an RTOS. Since this one is free so support is ?
I have an EVM and jtag I’m retired and bored and miss playing around perhaps I should revisit this my problem is the people hiring for RTOS work are seeking Commercial RTOS or FreeRtos support this RTOS is really TI DSP ported to a controller and its not trivial to use IMO.

Very powerful has lots of drivers just not a good way to learn RTOS barebones is probably easier for a beginner

It’s one thing to get a sample program running but preemptive multitasking is best learned by modifying an existing application that’s how I learned.

Just my opinion


Perhaps refer to these:


Thank you Graham! I tried LED Blinking program which I extracted from PDK example projects and viewed the console through the Serial Port and was able to get it done.