Booting from eMMC issue


I was happily tinkering with Beaglebone Blue until yesterday but now I cannot boot it from the eMMC. What I did was very simple. Trying out the lastest Debian image.

1- Downloaded the last Debian image (version 9.1). Using WinDisk32Imager I wrote the image to a 4 GB microSD card.
2- Inserted the microSD card and powered the Beaglebone Blue, while pressing the BOOT button, but just until LEDs start blinking. About 2 to 3 seconds pressing the button. I believe that nowadays it is not necessary to do this to boot from the microSD card.
3- It took some time but eventually it booted to the new OS.
Nothing more than the usual stuff.
4- Did nothing special with it. Just confirmed that it was the Debian 9.1 version I was running and not the one from emMC.
5- Shutted down BeagleBone Blue. It was very late so I did nothing else.

Next day I removed the microSD card, to continue with my experiences, but the Beaglebone Blue does not boot from the eMMC. It doesn’t even appear as a remote disk to the Operating System (Windows 7, by the way). All it does is blink one of the USRx LEDs, and with a pattern that resembles heart beat.

What has happened? Did the eMMC become corrupted in any way? For some reason some file was modified in a way that now I can only boot from a microSD card (some bug with the new Debian 9.1 release)? Something else?

Please advise me.