Booting from host USB

Is there a way of setting up uEnv.txt to boot the BBB from the (host) usb port?
I’m pretty sure it can be done by rebuilding u-boot, but u-boot internals are
beyond me at the moment. Being able to just edit uEnv.txt would be nice.


Just boot with the uSD boot button pressed and no SD card. With the
uSD boot button pressed, the boot order is:

  SPI0, MMC0 (SD card), USB0, UART0 if you don't have a valid SD card, the board will fall back to
USB and will not even look at the uboot contents on the on-board mmc.

This is covered in the SRM (Default Boot Options, section 6.7.2).

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Charles Steinkuehler

The answer is no. You can boot from the USB client if you have the proper SW running on the PC to transfer the data. You cannot boot form USB host.


Thanks - I rather thought that. I’ll have to see if I can boot from eMMC and use the USB as a root filesystem, but the uEnv.txt
commands are pretty arcane.


Host / client USB I have no idea . . . but there are uboot parameters for USB booting. Personally, I have not tried, but I have tried, and have been successful in achieving NFS /root/. NFS booting through TFPT is also supported.

So, in a round about way, you can USB boot, but through a host / server, and over Ethernet.