Booting from microSD

I have two beaglebone blacks rev B and I am trying to boot either of them from a microSD card and I can’t make either one of them work. I must be doing something wrong and I need some help.

I have a 32GB microSD card Pro from Samsung. I wrote the image:

**bbxm-ubuntu-14.04.2-console-**armhf-2015-02-19-2gb.img to the microsd card.

I have the bone connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It boots normally.

I insert the microSD card press the user boot button and power it up, no light comes on at all for as long as I hold the button.

If I try without the button press three lights light up immediately and stay there for ever.

Am I doing something wrong? I tired connected to a network and not with the same result.

Any guidance would be appreciated?

"bbxm" = BeagleBoard xM...

You have a bone...

So either:



You are using the wrong image L

That one “bbxm ….” Is for the “Beagle Board XM’

You want one that says ‘bone70’ or what ever number they are up to ….

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