Booting from SD card with Circuitco's BeagleBoard rev C5 image file

Hi all,

New guy here. So I have bricked my NAND in the first week :).
Following instructions from Circuitco to Reflash:

Tried using the HP format tool in Windows XP; fails every time.
So I am using Ubuntu Linux.

The support site states that if using Linux to follow instructions on

I have formatted my 4GB SD card with the mkcard.txt file.
This site states to copy MLO and u-boot.img files to boot partition of SD card. I have done so.

I have copied the BeagleBoard Rev C5_Image file from the Circuitco website.It is unzipped and formatted as a *.img file.

My questions: 1. What partition do I put this *.img file on, 1st (boot) or 2nd? 2. Is there a some Linux command I need to perform when I place it on the correct partition?

Right now I am just guessing and performing a straight copy command to the 2nd partition (cp).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Follow the instructions on the circuitco site to use the WinImage application to write the .img file to the SD card. I happened to use the HP formatting utility under Windows Vista to prepare the card, but I’ve also been able to format cards successfully using the Disk Utility app under Ubuntu.


Yeah, I can see why you’re confused by the instructions. The instructions at are for a different file format (img.gz as opposed to

I haven’t installed the image from CircuitCo myself, but it looks like the .img file is for the entire SD card (i.e. both partitions). So, if you’ve unzipped the file to beagle-rev-c5-3.2GB-r1.img, the Linux command to write the image to the SD card would be:

dd if=beagle-rev-c5-3.2GB-r1.img of=/dev/sdb

Of course, the device letter at the end (sdb) will vary depending on what drives you have on your PC.

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The very first boot is definitely slow: a few minutes is typical. There are various one-time activities that the OS performs during that first boot.

Reboots on my Beagleboards Rev C5 take about 30 seconds, from shutdown command to login prompt. (I reboot so rarely that I had only a vague idea until now what the boot time was). I’m using a 5V 2A power adapter and a 4G HC SD card.

If you continue to get poor performance, or intermittent disk I/O errors, possible culprits are the power supply or the SD card. The Beagleboards are relatively fussy about SD cards, so sometimes you’ll run into a card that has problems with the Beagleboard, but works fine with other devices.