booting from usb 3 drive connected to a hub

I bought a usb hard drive for running linux from. I plan to boot from the usb hard drive using the
instructions from

Unfortunately the drive I ordered is usb 3 and doesn’t have the Y connector for providing power on the
second usb connector (which I was going to connect to a usb wall wart). The drive spins up when I
connect it to my usb 3 hub on my PC; the hub is getting its power from the usb 3 port on the pc.
But of course does not when plugged into the BBB.

If I buy an externally powered usb 3 hub and plug the hub into the BBB and then plug the drive into
the hub, will it work as a root and swap drive using the above instructions?

The hub I’m looking at is $30. I could also get a usb 3 Y cable which would cost less. I’m wondering
if having a hub would be useful in the long run. I suppose I could get it later if I need to.

I bought a powered usb 2 hub at Frys. And it works! So far at least; linux recognizes the drive as sd1
and fsck gave its dos volume a clean bill of health.