Booting LINUX on BB-REV C3

Hi all,

I tried booting Angstrom on BB-revC3 by downloading the required sources form

when i tried to boot, the booting process always stops after

**[   55.483978]   File /OE/angstrom-dev/work/beagleboard-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/ti-linuxutils-1_2_25_05_11-r97d/linuxutils_2_25_05_11/packages/ti/sdo/linuxutils/sdma/src/module/sdmak.c**

the above line.. i have attached the serial log file... i could not resolve the problem, every time i boot, the kernel stops booting after this... Help me to solve this problem

Venkatesh babu

seriallog.txt (15.5 KB)