Booting Linux on the Beagleboard xM Rev C


You mentioned the image is in beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardDiagnosticsNext.
I found two images:
beagleboard-validation-201008201549.img of 8MB (applied 7-zip)
beagleboard-demo-201008201549-configured.img of 3.56GB (applied 7-zip)

I formatted SD with FAT32 free space 3.69GB
Once I wrote (applied Win32DiskImager) the validation image, the SD becomes 116MB. The SD does not show the image written.
Then I formatted the SD again to be 3.69B then I wrote the demo image. It complained not enough space on disk.

Please let me know what's going wrong.


The 116MB is correct. That is only the FAT you can see. You can’t see the EXT3 space on the card. The image was written just fine. At that point you should have plugged it in and booted it.

As to the complaint about space, you need to format it all the way to at least 3.8GB. If 3.69G is all you can get, it most likely will not fit. I suggest that you get another card.


Hi# Where can i get the source files for Beagleboard xM Rev C ? Please share the link.Thanks,

Sir! The sources can be found by using