Booting Linux on the Beagleboard xM Rev C


beagleboard-validation-201008201549.img of 8 MB (applied 7-zip)
beagleboard-demo-201008201549-configured.img of 3.56 GB (applied 7-zip)

The -demo- image is 3,56 GB. Why it can not fit into 3.69 GB SD?

Format SD to be 3.69 GB.
Q1: I write -validation- image then the SD becomes 116M. At this step, will this validation image alone boot from BB?

Then I write the -demo- image, it complains not enough space.
Then format again to be 3.69 GB. Write -deme- image. Get the same error.

Q2: Do I just write the demo- image (without -validation image) to boot from BB?

Q3: Is the procedure to write -validation- image (116 GB) then write -demo- image BOTH. Then boot from BB?



It should be able to. You said it didn’t. The diskimager calculates the space availble and then determines if it will fit. 4GB cards rarely have 4GB space on them. All that diskimager sees is raw space.
Sometimes after you have used a card once, it says there is not enough space if ht eactual space useable on the card i sclose to the maximum that it actually needs. I have had this happen numerous times to me. Once you have formatted on a Windows machine, it does not see the second partition because it cannot see EXT partitions.