Booting the BBAI-64 w/ an Updated EdgeAI Image...


I was using this image:

I could not get it to boot. Is anyone else having issues w/ this particular image?


P.S. I have an older image that boots and works. I just wanted to see what was available w/ the newer kernels and images. Also, I see today is when another image has been made available. I will try that one too.

Tagged releases are listed here… ARM64 - Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-10-07

The image you posted is a weekly test image.

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ARM64 - Debian 12.x (Bookworm) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-10-07 seems to have images for the BBAI-64 but no EdgeAI images…

How far back do I need to go to get the edgeAI image from you fellows/ladies?


Debian 12.x will be based on the 6.1.x-ti kernel and edge ai 9.x

I’m not porting 5.10.x-ti edgeai 8.x to Debian 12.x


ARM64 - Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-10-07 is what you posted. Okay.

I see now. I clicked a link and it brought me to am335x pages. Anyway, thank you.


P.S. Bullseye. Okay, I will attempt greatness again!


I tried to boot. The board is showing USB Device unknown and even in the IP Address columns of my router, Unknown:192.168.xx.xx, shows it as such.

Is anyone else having this issue this fine wine and dine day?

One more update

Do I need to approve the 1 - 3 option on the UART connection to boot?

BeagleBone AI-64 microSD (extlinux.conf) Options
1:	BeagleBone AI-64 microSD Recovery
2:	BeagleBone AI-64 copy microSD to eMMC
3:	BeagleBone AI-64 microSD (default)
Enter choice:


Dang it

I am in shell but as {initramfs}, i.e. probably from my fiddle playing days.

Is there a way out of it?

Super Update

Okay…the docs. for 1 - 3 (enter a choice) works! I think either breaking into the u-boot or letting it play out works. Either/or works.

Phew. I picked number three!