Booting to live SD card

After installing and updating my OS, I no longer connect to the internet using with my installed OS. I only connect to the internet using a live DVD. After I purchase a BB, how can I continue connecting to the internet with a live OS? Will the original BB boot to a live SD card? Will the BB xM boot to a live microSD card? The tutorial at instructs how to install an OS on a SD card. It does not discuss whether booting to a live SDcard is possible and how to do it.

I use live DVDs to prevent getting malware and spyware. I am willing to risk connecting to the internet with an installed OS only if the BB has a dip switch to erase any firmware rootkits from the processor and motherboard. The specifications of both BBs do not mention a dip switch. Is there a dip switch?

Well, the BBxM has no non-volatile onboard memory storage.. So if
don't mind burning $3-4 your can always destroy the microsd card,
after using it.. Otherwise if you have a problem with that stuff,
maybe you should change your network habbits or fix your network?


I appreciate your answer. Discarding a $4 microSD card after it becomes infected with malware and spyware that cannot be removed is a very affordable option. How to make several “system recovery” copies of the OS prior to using it?

My past efforts to do this with my 32 bit netbook failed. I customized Fedora to make it more secure. I attempted to repackage the ISO so I can install the customized Fedora on my other netbook as well as to boot to it as a live DVD. Repackaging the ISO was extremely difficult. Most of the packages prevented the ISO from rebooting. I could not install snort, polices for tripwire, clam, bitdefender for Linux, Avast for Linux, etc.