Booting uEnv.txt doesn't work with BBB revC

Dear Mr.Jason Kridner,

Thank you for your time to read my e-mail.
I found that you are expert on booting Linux on Beaglebone.

I need your help to advise the way to configure to uEnv.txt for U-boot 2015.

I want to boot kernel and Linux from SD card.

Previously, i bought BBB rev A5B it works with uEnv.txt as attached file.
RevA5B U-boot SPL 2013.01.01 (Jun 25 2013)
Then i bought another BBB rev C. It doesn’t work with the same uEnv.txt.
RevC U-Boot SPL 2015.01-00001-gb2412df
It can’t boot from SDcard.

Could you please help and advise?

Best Regards,

uEnv.txt (3.15 KB)

Yuck, so your uEnv.txt is just a printenv dump of 2013.01.01???

Option 1: erase the eMMC's boot-loader, go happily booting your
existing sd cards..

Option 2: fix your uEnv.txt, see this example, that's compatible with
every release since "2013.06.20"...