Bootloader (Release_UART) working in community maintained StarterWare

I’ve been able to build the bootloader example (and others) from the TI starterware package just fine using CCS v7, including running on the BeagleBone Black and using xmodem to upload other images that also work (LED blinkers, etc).

But, when I cloned the community starterware from sourceforge and built the bootloader in the same exact fashion as I was doing with the TI starterware’s bootloader, I don’t get anything on the Tera Term console. It’s as if the bootloader that I built from the community starterware doesn’t get loaded into RAM and/or executed. I’ve spent about 8 hours trying to figure out why the community starterware bootloader won’t work. Does anyone know if there’s something different between the two starterware packages that would be causing this?