Boottime Reduction

Hello Everybody,

I need to reduce the Booting time of my Beaglebone Black (4.14.71-ti-r80) but I also need a lot of drivers like SPI, I2C, and Remoteproc for the PRUs.
By now it boots within ca. 1:30 which is way to much. Is there a simple way or a good guide to lower this time?

Regards Chris

First, upgrade from that image..

There was a lot of tweaks over the last year to get the boot time
down.. (first boot always sucks, as ssh key's are regenerated..)


Hi Chris!

Everybody needs to reduce boot time :slight_smile: But it’s increasing with every new kernel version.

I just set up a system on BBB with wifi dongle:

$ uname -r 4.14.146-bone29 $ systemd-analyze time Startup finished in 1.179s (kernel) + 18.086s (userspace) = 19.265s

But uio_pruss instead of rprog, no config-pin. The -ti kernel is ~ 10 s slower.


Rember, the -ti kernel has smp/am57xx support.. So it's unfair, as the
-bone kernel gets to be much simpler.. ( lack of smp.. :wink: )


Who needs am57xx support for the BBB?

BeagleBone AI users. :wink: