Bootup Problems

Hi All,

I somehow messed up with the NAND while trying to update the x-loader
ver 1.42, and now able to get the board working.

Some additional inof:
My Board ver: B7
I am booting from SD card with two partition
ON FAT32 if have MLO, u-boot.bin and uImage
while on the ext3 patition I have angstrom file system

I am not able to figure out the issue. Can someone help me out to fix
this issue. I am attaching the output from console below.

It looks like your U-Boot variables have been erased (“Using default environment”) which means it trys to boot from a number of places. It can’t find uImage.bin on the MMC and so eventually tries to boot from NAND. Its finding a kernel in NAND but the rootfs in NAND appears to be damaged.

I would stop the autoboot and set the U-Boot environment variables manually to get it to boot from MMC. If you want to eventually get back to NAND booting then you’ll probably need to rebuild the rootfs…

Thanks for the reply.

I could now understant what the problem is. As Michale told it can't
find uImage.bin on the MMC, but I do have uImage on MMC. This means
that there is something wrong with u-boot environment variables. Can
someone help me to set the u-boot environment to boot from MMC and to
fix the rootfs in NAND.

I tried fixing the issue ... but I think I am doing something wrong
and hence not able solve the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Take a look here:
Let me know if you are still having problems setting up the SD card and setting environment variables for a proper autoboot…

Thanks for the advise .....
I followed the steps given at

i.e first few steps to update the x-loader are

        OMAP3 # mmcinit
        OMAP3 # fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 x-
        OMAP3 # nand unlock
        OMAP3 # nand ecc hw
        OMAP3 # nand erase 0 80000
        OMAP3 # nand write.i 0x80200000 0 80000

But nand unlock instruction is not recognized on my BB. It gives the
following error message.
could this be the problem .?

If I remember correctly the “nand unlock” command isn’t needed any more… Do the nand erase and nand write commands work…? If so then you’ve probably written the new X Loader… If you want to boot from MMC then you don’t need to write U-Boot to NAND, you just need to set the variables and then saveenv.

Thanks Evans .... I got the board working ... and you were right "nand
unlock" command is not required any more. The actual problem was
environment variables.