Breakout board for the omap 3530 processor

I know that there has been talk about creating a custom beagle board
and that there were some problems trying to get the processor to be
correctly laid out. does anyone know of a place that would create a
breakout board of the omap 3530 processor?


Are you looking for a board that increases the pin spacing? What spacing are you looking for? There are over 500 pins on the processor.


I am looking to increase the spacing of the chip. Knowing that there are over 500 pins it would be kinda hard to keep the size of the board small. but im just looking for something that i could used for developing my own board that uses the basic components for basic operation. if that helps at all. also do you know of anyone integrating a wireless receiver into the board?


I am VERY interested in having an 802.11n WLAN chip with MIMO antennas
on the board. My preferred chip set is by Atheros.

I also would like to have the BeagleBoard expansion connector in a
similar location!

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i suggest you take a look at some of the other companies that have modules already designed. Some of those already have wifi on them.

If you do what you are thinking and increase the pin spacing by making a module that brings out all of the pins it will never work. You will need to produce a board that connects all the power and ground signals as required, incorporates the memory, and has the filter caps on them. The definition of basic is different for each person. I can do a board with 24 pins on it that brings out a set of pins and can be mounted onto any board with .1 inch headers. But, it may have the pins that one person wants and no one else in the world would buy it. So, if you can decide what you need and are willing to buy a bunch of these boards, there are a lot of people that can give you what you want. Again, take a look at what is already out there and see how close you can get to what you want.