broken sd card reader, need help flashing!!!

ok so i have broken pin 3 on my sd card reader on accident and need to flash my bbb to use my replicape. however i cant seem to find any other method to flash a bbb other than using an sd card. this is kind of depressing considering i dont want to scrap the board because it still works i just cant flash it through the normal sd card method. every bit of help would be appreciated. what i really need is a step by step on how to flash my bbb without an sd card. i have access to ubuntu and win7 64 bit pc. im not a complete noob at this but by no means am i an expert so please go easy on me here.

SD card is the way we do it. There are other ways, but there is no support for those other ways.


I haven’t tried this, but it might work for you.
Is your time and frustration worth more than a cost of SD card reader?