Bug? ASLA audio capture gain controls don't exist

On my rev C4 board (and Angstrom 2010.03 [1]) alsamixer shows no
capture gain controls. arecord produces an output file with almost no
audio power. But recording does technically work - it's just not
useful to me like this.

Does everyone else see this? If you issue "alsamixer -V capture" do
you see any gain controls for audio capture?

Assuming there's an ALSA bug specific to beagle, where should I ask
more questions?

Are you using a line-level input? A simple microphone wont work.

Yes I'm using a Mic; the ultimate input will be an electric guitar.

The real problem for me is that there are no audio capture controls.
Something fails in alsa-lib preventing jackd starting with capture
capabilities and I think it's tied to the incomplete capture
functionality I see in alsamixer.

I want to know if anybody out there has capture gain controls in
alsamixer (or even in the pulseaudio UI controls). Having input gain
control is pretty important to my app.