Bug Tracker setup

A new bug tracker has been setup at http://bugs.elinux.org

I've configured 2 projects so far:

Please register and feel free to report problems as they occur.


This bug tracker exists to serve as a means to track issues for
community-based projects. For example, the latest BeagleBoneBlack has
generated a considerable amount of interest, and as a result, issues
are found more quickly. The traditional means of reporting issues has
been to email the Beagle group using the mailing list. This method
serves the community well, but does not allow the community at large
to track, organize, and prioritize issues in any meaningful way. This
new bug tracker will solve that problem.

It is available for any embedded Linux projects that are heavily
community-centric. We've only just seeded it with the BeagleBone
projects, as an example.

To have a project added, please feel free to contact me directly.