Build beagle bone kernel with capemrg support using Buildroot


I’m using beaglebone black with 7inch display from 4D systems (4DCAPE-70T)
Final goal is to setup cross-compile environment with QtQuick and QtVirtualkeyboard support.
Buildroot looked promising… But I just can’t make display operational.

Here are the config steps I made and result received on serial port:

My guess is that uEnv.txt is missing some configuration, tried different bits and pieces to incorporate to Buildroot default uEnv.txt, but nothing seems to work.

Can somebody help with the right path for buildroot to compile Kernel 4.1+ with sgx and cape manager support?

I managed to run kernel 3.8 with capemgr, but SGX is missing then, and if I run with beagleboard_defconfig, I get 4.1 ti kernel, but there is no capemgr.

Also thought of installing the overlays on target (with kernel 4.1+), but it is a no go.

понедељак, 25. септембар 2017. 09.57.32 UTC+2, Dejan Odabašić је написао/ла:

Hi Dejan,

Did you ever get to solve your issue with buildroot and cape manager support.